Just in case you were wondering (lord knows I was) just how much I’d poured into this project so far, I decided to start a spreadsheet to tally my expenses.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Item vendor Cost
Underwood eBay $45.86
USB conversion kit Jack Zylkin $76.00
Monitor eBay $41.48
Decals Paul Robert $28.49
Angle Iron/Hardware Home Depot $17.56
Misc. Hardware Local Ace $12.21
Soldering Iron, wires Home Depot $23.79
TOTAL $243.39

I’m not expecting that much more in terms of expense. I’m going to need some sheet metal to complete the back of the monitor and some spray paint, but that’s less than $20. I’ve also got an idea for a few pieces of brass trim I’d like to set up. I’d say in total, including a couple tools I had to buy and the unexpected but awesome decal expense, the bottom line will be under $300.